Thursday, August 20, 2009

Amex II: Ameriprise mishandles disclosure too

Yet another online finance flaw for your consideration.
Remember the American Express issue?
Apparently the negligence and ignorance of the parent has been inherited by the child.
It took me pinging Dan Goodin at The Register and asking him to shake Ameriprise out of their slumber to address the most commonplace, simple, web application bug of all: XSS. Really? Still?
Dan did a bang up job of the task at hand; it was fixed within hours. Ameriprise had ignored my multiple attempts to disclose over five months. Power of the press, eh?
The story is here.
I also owe Laura Wilson at Information Security Resources for alerting me to likely issues with Ameriprise.
I'm tired of having to say it. It's even gotten to the place where readers get pissed at me because I keep stressing the point. But I shouldn't have to.
Major financial providers should not be ignoring reports of common web application vulnerabilities sent in via all their available channels.
Major financial providers should be reviewing their web sites and their code at regular intervals, proactively preventing these issues.
Blah, blah, can't hack a server with XSS.
If you attended BlackHat or Defcon a few weeks ago, you may realize how much less relevant that argument is.
Check out the XAB, Firefox extensions, and evasion discussions.
You can be pwned through XSS.
Do I need to stress compliance again? Amex touts itself as a founding PCI partner, yet here we go again.
Vendors and developers need to get smarter, faster, and more responsive to security related notifications, particularly with regard to their websites.
To that end, keep an eye on the Data Security Podcast. Ira Victor and I have hatched a scheme to promote the use of proper disclosure handling by website operators such as major financial services providers. He'll also be posting podcasted discussions we've had regarding the disclosure issues, as well as the forensic challenges presented by CSRF attacks (another easily avoided, common web application vulnerability).
I'll also be talking about a pending ISO standard for disclosure that I hope will begin to drive enterprise adoption of improved disclosure handling. | digg | Submit to Slashdot

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