So long Zango, thanks for all the phish

Oh, the joy...trumpets on high, banners waving in the wind!
Zango has been declared dead.
Good riddance, bugger off, may the fleas of a thousand camels infest your...well, you get the point.
As I've been heckling Zango for years, it gives my real pleasure to fire a parting shot. Or two, perhaps three.
Zango, this is for you.
The rest, dear reader, are for your viewing pleasure.
You'll recall that Hotbar is a Zango "product"?


Props to John Leyden of El Reg for the best title of the day, via a tidy IFRAME.

An end to SPAM, thanks to Zango and Hotbar...really, I mean it.

A nod to Maestro Grossman's excellent book via manipulated Hotbar Flash.

To quote the mighty Marcus Fenix, "Sucks to be them."

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Anonymous said…
Marcus ain't shit without Dominic. And Coletrain FTW.

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