Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The IT Infrastructure Threat Modeling Guide

After reading a toolsmith article I'd written on PTA: Practical Threat Analysis, Frank Simorjay, a local ISSA chapter member, friend, and co-worker reached out to a peer team in the Microsoft Solutions Accelerators (SA) group and suggested the prospect of something similar to be added to the SA roster.
After meeting with the SA Security & Compliance team, and a couple months of excellent collaborative effort with the likes of SDL expert Adam Shostack, group PM Kelly Hengesteg, editor Steve Wacker, and contributor Jeff Sigman, I authored the IT Infrastructure Threat Modeling Guide, now released in beta on the Connect site.
Sign up for the beta program here, then bookmark this.

Threat modeling has been well applied during the software development process, but there has been a noteworthy, Internet-wide lack of documentation and guidance with regard to applying threat modeling methodology to infrastructure. While many people and organizations threat model infrastructure in some form or fashion, we believed it was time to create a unified process that anyone from a small, one person IT shop, to a major enterprise could follow, and thus improve their security posture.

The IT Infrastructure Threat Modeling Guide provides an easy-to-understand method that enables you to develop threat models for your environments and prioritize your investments in IT infrastructure security. This guide describes and considers the existing Microsoft Software Development Lifecycle (SDL) threat modeling process and uses it to establish a threat modeling process for IT infrastructure.

Please feel free to give it a close look and submit feedback, we really do welcome it.

It is the intent and hope of this guidance that the benefits of choosing to develop a threat model for your IT infrastructure will be many, and that a holistic state of security becomes commonplace for those who undertake the process.

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Richard Brackett said...

Did this get pulled from Connect? The invite errors out and search can't find it.

Russ McRee said...

The beta period has ended. The production ready version is slated for release June 15th. Stay tuned.

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