Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Pligg pluggs holes: vulnerability remediation done right

Part 1 of 2 of Vulnerability remediation done *

Often, when I disclose web application vulnerabilities to Secunia, who in turn works with vendors to drive mitigation and remediation, we are met with vendors who don't reply, don't care, or don't fix.
Yet, once in a rare while a vendor chooses the righteous path.
Such is the case with Pligg.
Pligg posted a detailed, transparent, candid writeup regarding the disclosure and their response prior to the scheduled release date (12/2/09) for the advisory. In addition their new release (1.0.3) addressing the issues in now available.
As I am too often prone to complaining, I relish the opportunity to say "well done."
To Pligg, a hearty thank you; you are now amongst the standard bearing few who swiftly address vulnerabilities, do so with candor and transparency, and care about your user base.
When the advisories go live as scheduled tomorrow they will be found here and here.
Again to Pligg: well done.

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