Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Application Security Specialist: Don't Fall Behind

I've long supported certifications, in concert with experience, to be used as a measuring stick for the likely success of individuals in the information security field.
SANS, of course, offers significant value on this front,and what security professional is ever given due consideration without their CISSP?
When I was asked to participate in the Application Security Specialist pilot program, I jumped on the opportunity. And now, having become an ASS, my career has simply blossomed.
With the increased credibility it offers I've been able to demand more per hour for pen testing engagements.
I've even gained the respect of vendors and merchants alike; they're now less likely to blow me off when I tell them their apps are broken.
Given the pilot program I participated in, I can only say, now that its widely available, you should become a Certified ASS as soon as possible.
You can even join the LinkedIn group here.
Being an ASS is all it's cracked up to be!

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