Saturday, November 29, 2008

Online Finance Flaws: An Awareness Campaign

Here begins a series regarding web application security inadequacies in online financial service offerings. The services to be discussed will include banks, credit unions, credit card companies, and others. As the economy struggles profoundly, and much of the blame points at the financial sector, I believe it important to point out the false sense of security so many brand-name financial services wrongly instill in their customers.
Often this sense of security is coupled with a typical "security badge" provider, helping drive conversions rather than security, as we will also legitimize how often the badge providers miss the mark on their promises.
Accountability in loan making decisions and practices might have prevented the sub-prime market collapse and the subsequent credit crunch that has hogtied our economy.
Accountability with regard to web application security while providing online financial services is now all the more important as cybercrime will continue to increase at a pace proportionate to economic woes.
Each post relevant to this campaign will include Online Finance Flaw in its title for tracking purposes.
Look forward to surprising flaws in financial services brands you'll recognize.
Perhaps, the more attention we draw to services that should place security above all else, the more likely it is they'll commit to improving their security posture.
Feel free to comment or contribute; we'll begin in a day or two.

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