Monday, July 21, 2008

McAfee's Hacker Safe nominated for a Pwnie

Updated 7/22/08: The Pwnies have added Cresta Pillsbury's gem: "We go in like a super hacker." Bless McAfee | Scan Alert for lameness like this, it'd be hard to make this stuff up.
Mondays don't usually include such glorious highlights but I'll gladly pass on this exception. The Pwnie Awards 2008 nominations are out, and under Lamest Vendor Response we find McAfee's Hacker Safe, specifically Joesph Pierini's response to the findings and I gave to Thomas Claburn for publication in Information Week this past January.
Joseph Pierini, director of enterprise services for the "Hacker Safe" program, stepped in it when he said that XSS vulnerabilities can't be used to hack a server:
Cross-site scripting can't be used to hack a server. You may be able to do other things with it. You may be able to do things that affect the end-user or the client. But the customer data protected with the server, in the database, isn't going to be compromised by a cross-site scripting attack, not directly.
As you can imagine, this one gets my vote.
Winners will be announced at the BlackHat USA reception at Caesar's Palace, Las Vegas on Wednesday, August 6th, 2008.
Should you wish further reading on the McAfee Secure / Hacker Safe fiasco, you need only utilize this query or refer to all of Nate's coverage on Zero Day.
I must admit, I'm curious who McAfee will have at Black Hat to receive this prestigious award should they win. I'm torn between suggesting Brett Oliphant or Pierini himself. ;-)
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bc said...

I'll have to bet on Brett being the one. After all, he often attended Black Hat in the past and with the millions he made off the ScanAlert sale to McAfee, not to mention the $ from his Elkhart, IN scam.

Might as well blow that money and get in a little vacation before his trial and hopefully prison sentence in November!

Hi Brett! (I'll be there in the front row!)

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