Friday, May 23, 2008

Blue River's stance on Sava security stands out

It's been awhile since I've had something nice to say, and the golden opportunity to rectify that issue has presented itself in the discovery of some vulnerabilities in Sava CMS from the Blue River Interactive Group.
At 9:29pm May 19th, I sent a note to Blue River pointing out an XSS vulnerability. I received a reply from Malcolm at 9:46pm (yes, 17 minutes later), stating that the issue would be addressed immediately and asking if I had questions or suggestions.
Wow! Really?
The lonely life of security dork/vuln researcher sometimes has its rewards. I offered to take a deeper look at Sava, with their permission, which Malcolm immediately granted. After further inspection, I noted a SQLi issue as well, but the update they'd already released had fixed the issue on other sites where the update had been applied. So, in what really amounts to 48 hours, the Blue River team went after the issues with a vengeance, and addressed them appropriately (and obviously quickly).
It's no secret that I am giant open source proponent, and Sava fits that definition in every way, not just their application but their open communication, pride in their product, and concern for their users.
This is what we in the security community hope for...those rare occasions to feel good about well intended efforts being met by further well intended efforts, all to the benefit of the user and the consumer.
Well done, Blue River...go Sava!

Any Sava users who may be reading this, ensure that you are running Sava CMS 5.0.122 or later.
Advisory here: HIO-2008-0523 Sava CMS SQLi & XSS | digg

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