Thursday, December 27, 2007

Storm keeps coming (4th variant)

They just keep coming...this one is very similar to the 3rd variant we reviewed, but some changes are apparent.
1) Hash: 1f362ad74d62262bff6bcb1d078cbf7d
2) Aside from yet again changing the domain and binary, the hidden files written upon execution are as follows:

Helios Rootkit Detector
Scanning File System For Hidden Files

[*] Scanning Drive C
1 C:\WINDOWS\system32\bldy.config Hidden From API
2 C:\WINDOWS\system32\bldy3a80-61.sys Hidden From API
Execute Duration (in seconds)=18

Loaded Drivers:
Driver File Company Name Description

Kernel31 Api Log
***** Installing Hooks *****
4012d8 CreateFileA(C:\WINDOWS\System32\bldy.config)
40117f CreateFileA(C:\WINDOWS\System32\bldy3a80-61.sys)

WatchDir Initilized OK
Watching C:\WINDOWS
Created: C:\WINDOWS\system32\bldy.config
Modifed: C:\WINDOWS\system32\bldy.config
Modifed: C:\WINDOWS\system32
Created: C:\WINDOWS\system32\bldy3a80-61.sys
Modifed: C:\WINDOWS\system32\bldy3a80-61.sys

Better AV coverage again:

AntiVir - TR/Crypt.XDR.Gen
Authentium - W32/Dropper.gen6
Avast - Win32:Zhelatin-ASX
AVG - Dropper.Generic.TLX
BitDefender - Trojan.Peed.IRG
ClamAV - Trojan.Peed-66
DrWeb - Trojan.Spambot.2386
Fortinet - W32/Tibs.G@mm
F-Prot - W32/Dropper.gen6
F-Secure -
Kaspersky -
NOD32v2 - Win32/Nuwar.BA
Panda - Suspicious file
Prevx1 - Stormy:Worm-All Variants
Sophos - Mal/Dorf-H
Symantec - Trojan.Peacomm
VirusBuster - Trojan.DR.Zhelatin.AS
Webwasher-Gateway - Trojan.Crypt.XDR.Gen

Aside from the inherent value of keeping an eye on the ISC Diary, please refer to the US-CERT alert.
They'll keep coming, we'll keep watching.
Storm keep coming (4th variant) at Digg Storm keep coming (4th variant)

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