Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Holiday Storm Part 3

I know, I know...enough already. But our Storm friends have changed the game a bit for the third round, as discussed on the ISC Diary, in particular Update 3. The changed domain and binary name led me to ponder what else has changed. So...
1) New hash: BE22F894AC662C905C37CEFDE66DE065
2) Better hiding skills, no visible running processes, nastiness all hidden from the API (can you say rootkit?). No more hanging out in the open, easily seen.
The Helios Rootkit Detector, now included in RAPIER, discovered darker voodoo than the last two versions:

Scanning File System For Hidden Files
[*] Scanning Drive C
1 C:\WINDOWS\system32\cleanmgr.exe Hidden From API
2 C:\WINDOWS\system32\clean.config Hidden From API
3 C:\WINDOWS\system32\clean6c9-3320.sys Hidden From API
4 C:\WINDOWS\system32\dllcache\cleanmgr.exe Hidden From API

SysAnalyzer says:

Loaded Drivers:
Driver File Company Name Description

Kernel31 Api Log
***** Installing Hooks *****
4012c1 CreateFileA(C:\WINDOWS\System32\clean.config)
40117f CreateFileA(C:\WINDOWS\System32\clean6c9-3320.sys)

WatchDir Initilized OK
Watching C:\WINDOWS
Created: C:\WINDOWS\system32\clean.config
Modifed: C:\WINDOWS\system32\clean.config
Modifed: C:\WINDOWS\system32\config\system.LOG
Modifed: C:\WINDOWS\system32
Created: C:\WINDOWS\system32\clean6c9-3320.sys
Modifed: C:\WINDOWS\system32\clean6c9-3320.sys

3) AV coverage is further improved for this version:

AntiVir - TR/Rootkit.Gen
Authentium - W32/StormWorm.R
Avast - Win32:Zhelatin-ASX
AVG - Dropper.Generic.TLF
BitDefender - DeepScan:Generic.Malware.FMH@mmign.55A134E9
ClamAV - Trojan.Zhelatin
DrWeb - Trojan.Spambot.2387
Fortinet - W32/Tibs.G@mm
F-Prot - W32/StormWorm.R
F-Secure -
Ikarus - Virus.Win32.Zhelatin.ASX
Kaspersky -
Microsoft - Backdoor:WinNT/Nuwar.B!sys
NOD32v2 - Win32/Fuclip.AW
Panda - Suspicious file
Prevx1 - Stormy:Worm-All Variants
Sophos - Mal/Dorf-H
Webwasher-Gateway - Trojan.Rootkit.Gen

How perfectly unpleasant, making things more difficult to spot. Here's my New Years wish for the Storm lamers. Bugger off (kept pleasant for the kids).

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