Thursday, September 06, 2007

Spyware mill Zango strikes out...again

In their relentless pursuit of legitimacy, Zango had sued Kaspersky Lab "to force the company to reclassify Zango's programs as "non-threatening" and to prevent Kaspersky's security software from blocking Zango's programs."

Zango just doesn't get it. The simple fact that everything Zango "offers" is spyware is indisputable. Why can't they just embrace reality? It's very much like Darl McBride and SCO's claim that they "own" Linux. Pure twaddle. That Zango might actually have a legitimate software offering is pure twaddle.

So, when "the U.S. District Court for the Western District of Washington ruled in favor of Kaspersky Lab, granting the security company immunity from liability in a suit filed by Zango" the Best Damn Spyware Company swung and missed again. I recall chuckling for hours when Zango founder Daniel Todd decided to step down last month, and Zango tried to spin it like it was news, and that Todd's contributions to Internet society were extraordinary. Oh, the illusions of grandeur. All the rebranding, repositioning, and regurgitating in the world won't change the facts: Zango is a spyware company.
And I have to look at them everyday, right across I90.

Quoth Bill the Cat..."Thbbbt!"

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