Wednesday, September 12, 2007

People in Glass Countries Should not Throw Hackers

As a good friend of mine today said, "Oh, the tears of the wounded."
A senior Chinese official today "accused foreign intelligence agencies of causing "massive and shocking" damage to China by hacking into computers to ferret out political, military and scientific secrets." See Washington Post article here.
Of all the countries...puhlease. The country that defined nation-state internet espionage? The country of origin for hacker groups that best utilize targeted zero-day attacks against Microsoft products? The country of origin for IP blocks bloating firewall and IDS logs that I have reviewed at regular intervals for different businesses and interests for years? China, China, China.
And yet, "when the reports about Chinese hacking surfaced early this month, the Chinese Foreign Ministry roundly denied them, saying China would never resort to such tactics."
Right. Here's a reality check: everyone does it. "Most advanced militaries, as part of their effort to gain the ability to protect their own computer systems and disable those of adversaries, are believed to have an active information warfare program."
Welcome to the modern age of warfare and espionage.
People in glass countries should not throw hackers.

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