SearchFinancialSecurity: The need for financial Web application security

The current lead story on is my contribution Why financials must implement Web application security best practices.
This is a follow up piece, a summary if you will, on my Online Finance Flaws campaign, kindly solicited by TechTarget to drive home the point: Is there any one sector more than financial services who must take a stronger stance with regard to Web application security?
Answer: Not that I can think of.
Security hits to financial-services firms have far reaching impacts beyond individual victims, including economic implications that can contribute to global economic malaise.
This article offers examples of flaws noted in major financial-services websites, data from OWASP's Security Spending Benchmarks Project Report as well as best practices guidance derived from security development lifecycle (SDL) methodology.
I invite you to read the article at your earliest convenience.
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Raf said…
Catching up on your articles from the comfort of my hospital room... another great post buddy.
ALL manner of financial institutions are the the high-value targets for today's hackers and evil-doers... given how much damage a financial crisis can inflict globally it continues to amaze me how the requirement for security is absolutely downplayed.

Oh well... money in a coffee can, anyone?

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