Saturday, May 02, 2009

SUMO Linux: Security utilizing multiple options

May's toolsmith, in the ISSA Journal, features SUMO Linux: Security utilizing multiple options.

From the column:
SUMO Linux is the brain child of Marcus Carey of Sun Tzu Data in Washington, D.C area. As part of his DojoSec events and training program, Marcus found himself, and his students, frustrated with needing various tools from different Live CD distributions. Powering down, loading a new disc, and waiting until the new one comes up; annoying and troublesome to say the least.
SUMO Linux 1.0 is the genesis of that teaching experience – one DVD to rule them all. First released in November 2008, this young project represents a multi-boot DVD inclusive of five (that’s right, I said five) popular security-related Linux distributions. Bonus!

Sumo Linux includes Backtrack, Helix, Samurai Linux, dban, and DVL.

Grab the DVD ISO, pull down the article PDF, and make quick use of this excellent distribution.
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