Sunday, November 11, 2012

CTIN Digital Forensics Conference - No fluff, all forensics

For those of you in the Seattle area or willing to travel who are interested in digital forensics there is a great opportunity to learn and socialize coming up in March.
The CTIN Digital Forensics Conference will be March 13 though 15, 2013 at the Hilton Seattle Airport & Conference Center. CTIN, the Computer Technology Investigators Network, is non-profit, free membership organization comprised of public and private sector computer forensic examiners and investigators focused on the areas of high-tech security, investigation, and prosecution of high-tech crimes for both private and public sector.

Topics slated for the conference agenda are many, with great speakers to discuss them in depth:
Windows Time Stamp Forensics, Incident Response Procedures, Tracking USB Devices, Timeline Analysis with Encase, Internet Forensics, Placing the Suspect Behind the Keyboard, Social Network Investigations, Triage, Live CDs (WinFE & Linux)
F-Response and Intella, Lab - Hard drive repair, Mobile Device Forensics, Windows 7/8 Forensics
Child Pornography, Legal Update, Counter-forensics, Linux Forensics, X-Ways Forensics
Expert Testimony, ProDiscover, Live Memory Forensics, Encase, Open Source Forensic Tools
Cell Phone Tower Analysis, Mac Forensics, Registry Forensics, Malware Analysis, iPhone/iPad/other Apple products, Imaging Workshop, Paraben Forensics, Virtualization Forensics

Register before 1 DEC 2012 for $295, and $350 thereafter.

While you don't have to be a CTIN member to attend I strongly advocate your joining and supporting CTIN.

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Brett Shavers said...

Thanks for the post Russ. There is also going to be over $20,000 in forensic software to be given as door prizes. In some presentations, every attendee in the presentation will receive a licensed copy of a popular forensic tool.

And like you state, this is purely forensics, all forensics, and nothing but forensics. The presentations are technical how-to's, not just theory. For the of 3 days training, you can't beat it. Dec 2 is the last day to register before tuition goes up, so we encourage to register now.

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