Wednesday, May 04, 2011

toolsmith: Security Onion

You, dear readers, all know I'm a tool dork.
Quite possibly, some of you may further think I'm a tool and/or a dork; we'll take that for granted. ;-)
When I write toolsmith each month, I end up immersing myself very deeply in the intended tool topic. My effort for May 2011 was no different; I went way down the rabbit hole with Doug Burks' Security Onion (SO).
Net result? Mad props.
Doug continues to enhance what is the most immediately useful Live CD/DVD available to NSM practitioners.
I'll let my conclusion from the article serve as impetus for your further reading and use of Security Onion:
"I’ll try to avoid flagrant gushing, but Security Onion employs a congregation of the most important tools available to security and network analysts that I’ve ever discussed. Attack and reconnaissance tools are important, but I am the ultimate blue-teamer at heart. I’ve said it before: “What you don’t see can hurt you.” You can see better with Security Onion and its well-implemented deployments of Snort/Suricata, SANCP, and Sguil/Squert. I will simply say that you can defend yourselves, and those you are charged with protecting, better with the likes of Security Onion."

Detect web attacks against actual SO infrastructure? Done.

Detect scans against reporting hosts via Emerging Threats sigs with instant correlation? Done.

Visualize related output with Squert and AfterGlow? Done!

Repeating from article again:
"Job well done, Doug. As an ISSA member I’m proud of your work and your contributions to our association and community.
Readers, take advantage of this noteworthy effort."

Ping me via email if you have questions (russ at holisticinfosec dot org).
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