Monday, May 03, 2010

Memory forensics with SIFT 2.0, Volatility, and PTK

May's toolsmith takes a close look at SIFT 2.0, the forensics workstation associated with the SANS 508 track.

SIFT 2.0 is best utilized as a VM via your preferred version of VMWare but can also be installed as a permanent standalone workstation.
I spend much of time touting memory analysis as a key component of incident response and forensics, and SIFT 2.0 offers two of the most capable memory analysis offerings available: Volatility and PTK. As I say in the article, I don't do either tool the justice it deserves but it should whet your appetite. I owe both Volatility and PTK their own write-ups, if not the MoonSols Memory Toolkit as well.
Regardless, SIFT 2.0 is extremely practical for forensic processing and case management. Assuming you have a decent storage footprint, you can opt to keep a unique virtual instance of SIFT for each case your handling.
For this article I used SIFT with Volatility and PTK to dig more deeply into a victim memory image of a Banload-infected host.
You'll quickly see how to get right to the bottom of an incident using only memory analysis.
The article is here.

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