Tuesday, June 23, 2009

ASS Cert Online Store is Hacker Safe

Those of you aspiring to proudly display your recently acquired Application Security Specialist certifications can rest comfortable knowing that the CafePress ASS Cert Online Store is protected by McAfee Secure/Hacker Safe. This is wonderful news as it guarantees that your transaction is safe while you purchase your favorite ASS Cert products. The store is offering ASS Hats, Office Attire, ASS Gear, framed certificate tiles, and framed oath reminders for those of you who may forget:

I will maintain my status as a Certified Application Support Specialist as proof of my knowledge and experience.

While you're logged in, you can even make use of an added feature: an open redirect that allows you direct internet traffic to any destination of your choosing!
Check it out here.
Enjoy, and I expect to see all you Application Security Specialists to be wearing your ASS Hats when I see you at defcon.

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1 comment:

admin said...

pretty g-dang funny.. :)

see you @ defcon (um, no hat)

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