Thursday, August 03, 2006

RE: Hackers and Employment - What the heck's wrong with us?

Hackers and Employment - What the heck's wrong with us?

This essay describes a scenario that has long bothered me to no end.
What place does a hacker with obvious moral flexibilty have in our
enterprises? Certainly they may be talented and quite brilliant, but can
they truly be trusted?
An associate, whose views I respect greatly, said this regarding
Mitnick's books. "I'll check them out of the library and read them for
the value they hold. But I won't buy them, I simply can't fund the
The essay's author is right. We willingly pay for the breakdown of
simple societal standards that not so long ago were the expected norm.
Is it too much to ask that our information be safe, our systems
unhindered by malware designed to rob us financially and strategically,
and that organizations will choose not to hire the morally flexible?
Sadly, we know it is too much to ask.
But, I for one, will continue in my quest to protect that information,
those systems, and the people who count on them, living by a solid moral
standard built on the premise of "first, do no harm."

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