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Checking for user-agent header SQL injection vulns

As I analyze various web applications in the name of fun or fortune, I am sometimes treated to those little reminders that result in a "doh!".
Such was the case when I was assessing the latest release of the Avactis Shopping Cart.
I'd just installed the latest free version (1.9.1). Typically, after finding a flaw in an vendor's offering, I sign up for their new release notices, and had recently received one from Avactis.
When last I'd visited said shopping cart I'd spotted a couple of XSS bugs in the checkout.php script for version 1.8.1 and earlier. I admit that at the time I did not do as robust review of the application as I might now; in all likelihood the following bug was present when the XSS bugs were disclosed in September 2008.

With a fresh version installed thanks to the reminder, I fired up Firefox with Tamper Data, and started poking around. With Tamper Data, as we've discussed before, any web form input parameters/variables are subject to your ma…

toolsmith: The NirSoft Collection

As I mention in this month's toolsmith, I am often reminded of all the tools I have not yet written about but have used on numerous occasions or even forgotten about. Such is the case with the NirSoft tools, particularly those found on the Windows side of the Helix distribution under IR.
Five NirSoft tools resurfaced for me well worthy of toolsmith mention as well as a place in the jumpkit.
CurrPorts with IPNetInfoOpenedFilesViewWhatInStartupNirCmd
Incident handler Kris Thomas used CurrPorts during a PCI DSS-related incident response drill we were conducting and promptly located the fake malicious process I’d seeded on a server as part of the drill.
Light-bulb moment: October's ISSA Journal toolsmith: The Nirsoft Collection is written to help you prevent one of those "doh!" moments. "Oh yeah, I'd forgotten all about that tool."
I'll simply rehash visual results of various tests I conducted for October's article.
Figure 1 is a CurrPorts screen shot tak…