WebTuff checks for WebDAV vulnerability

The folks at Applicure, the dotDefender vendor, have created WebTuff, a free utility to check for the IIS 6 WebDAV vulnerability.
I occasionally run into dotDefender when I'm "analyzing" web application security issues on the Intarweb, and can say that I've been pleasantly surprised by its capabilities.
Please note: This is not an endorsement for Applicure products; simply consider it the suggestion that they are worthy of your consideration.
To that end, a free utility is always a great way generate interest; if your're concerned about exposure to the WebDAV vulnerability, give WebTuff a try.

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halr9000 said…
I wrote a quick PowerShell script to detect WebDAV on remote servers that your readers might appreciate. The forum thread on the topic is here: http://www.powershellcommunity.org/Forums/tabid/54/aff/1/aft/3903/afv/topic/afpgj/1/Default.aspx#5221

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