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toolsmith: Malware Analysis with REMnux Docker Containers

Prerequisites Docker, runs on Ubuntu, Mac OS X, and Windows
Introduction ISSA Journal’s theme of the month is “Malware and what to do with it”. This invites so many possible smart-alecky responses, including where you can stick it, means by which to smoke it, and a variety of other abuses for the plethora of malware authors whose handy work we so enjoy each and every day of our security professional lives. But alas, that won’t get us further than a few chuckles, so I’ll just share the best summary response I’ve read to date, courtesy of @infosecjerk, and move on. “Security is easy: 1)Don't install malicious software. 2)Don't click bad stuff. 3)Only trust pretty women you don't know. 4)Do what Gartner says.” Wait, now I’m not sure there’s even a reason to continue here. :-)
One of the true benefits of being a SANS Internet Storm Center Handler is working with top notch security industry experts, and one such person is Lenny Zeltser. I’ve enjoyed Lenny’s work for many years; if …