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toolsmith: Log Parser Lizard

Prerequisites Windows Microsoft Log Parser 2.2 Microsoft.Net 3.5
Introduction At RSA Conference 2012 I gave a presentation called Evil Through The Lens of Web Logs. This presentation is built on research I’m conducting for a SANS Gold paper for graduate school and pays particular attention to SQL injection and Remote File Include attacks. One of the tools discussed as very useful for analysis tactics is Log Parser Lizard. You’re probably familiar with Log Parser, but I’ll bet you didn’t there was a great GUI-based tool with which to leverage its raw power with ease. Log Parser Lizard (LPL) is the brainchild of Dimce Kuzmanov, a Macedonian software engineer, who started Lizard Labs in 1998. In 2006 while also working as a part time sysadmin on financial systems, Dimce recognized that he was using Logparser on a daily basis for creating reports, analyzing logs, automatic error reporting, transferring data with txt files, etc. Over time his collection of queries became unmanageable and diff…