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A Tribute to Tareq

This past Sunday we lost an extraordinary human being.
Tareq Saade perished doing something he loved as his was an adventurous spirit. My heart breaks for his family and his girlfriend Cindy, and as profound as my own sadness is, I can't begin to imagine their grief. My most sincere condolences are theirs. Tareq's family has asked that you donate to Red Cross in his memory; one of the many ways he gave was as a Red Cross volunteer. West Seattle Blog's post regarding his impact on the community he embraced is also a kind remembrance.
Tareq was one of those rare people about whom I have only ever heard good (great) things said.
Kind, brilliant, smart, funny, bright, giving, sharing, engaging, the list is endless and only does partial justice to his character.
To my regret I really only knew Tareq in a professional capacity as part of the information security community at Microsoft. Yet even in that limited scope I can say that I am surely better for having known him. If ever…

toolsmith: Splunk app - Windows Security Operation Center

Prerequisites Windows 2003, 2008, 7 Splunk (Free or Enterprise)
Introduction As a volunteer handler for the SANS Internet Storm Center, I am privileged to work with some incredibly bright, highly capable information security professionals. As said individuals create new tools or update those they maintain I have the advantage of early awareness and access. Bojan Zdrnja’s Splunk app, Windows Security Operations Center (referred to as WSOC hereafter) is a perfect example. By the time you read this a new version should be available on Splunkbase. Bojan bought me up to speed on his latest effort via email. The latest version of WSOC contains bug fixes (mainly minor search tweaks) along with a couple of new dashboards: 1.A dashboard for up-to-date servers with patches 2.Directory Services dashboards The Directory Services dashboards are very useful as they show changes to objects in AD including creations, deletions, and modifications. These views are excellent for auditors. In the future B…

2011 Toolsmith Tool of the Year: OWASP ZAP

Congratulations to the OWASP ZAP team!
The Zed Attack Proxy is the 2011 Toolsmith Tool of the Year.
ZAP finished with 338 votes (36.5% of the total), slightly edging out Security Onion.
SO finished a strong second place with 328 votes (35.4%).
Volatility came in third with 152 (16.4%) and Armitage right on their heels in fourth with 148 votes (16%).

I am donating $50 to the OWASP ZAP project to honor this win.
I ask that those of you with the wherewithal and resources to do so please visit the project page and donate in any capacity you can.

Congratulations and thank you to all participants this year and I look forward to a strong 2012.