Choose the 2011 Toolsmith Tool of the Year

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
It's that time again.
Please vote below to choose the best of 2011, the 2011 Toolsmith Tool of the Year.
We covered some outstanding information security-related tools in ISSA Journal's toolsmith during 2011; which one do you believe is the best?
I appreciate you taking the time to make your choice.
You can review all 2011 articles here for a refresher on any if the tools listed in the survey.
You can vote through January 31, 2012.
Results will be announced February 1, 2012.


frank boldewin said…
The best forensics tool of 2011 is definitely volatility 2.0
no other forensic framework is such powerful and best of all - open source!
Russ McRee said…
My objectivity requires that I neither confirm nor deny, Senator. :-) I can however say "Nice deck!"
Anonymous said…
My vote for the TOOL OF THE YEAR goes to Armitage because Armitage's red team collaboration mode is the most unique idea of 2011.

Red team collaboration mode allows multiple users to use any Meterpreter session at the same time. Each user may open one or more command shells, browse files, and take screenshots of the compromised host and more.
Sajida Bokhari said…
I really love all the covered information security-related tools in 2011. I follow all your updates great work Keep it Up!
Thanks for allowing multiple votes -- I chose SecurityOnion and Highlighter.
Joe said…
Where is the link to vote? Or do we just include something in the comments? I'll vote for SecurityOnion.
Russ McRee said…
The survey is embedded in this post. If it's not visible to you, try switching browsers, clearing cookies, and/or allowing scripts.
iKONs said…
i vote for volatility for forensic and armitage for making easy metasploit :)
Russ McRee said…
iKONs, be sure to vote via the survey form. If its not visible to you be sure to see the comment just before yours for help.
Anonymous said…
Perhaps Websecurify should be part of the list?
Russ McRee said…
As it was not covered as a 2011 Toolsmith topic, no. That said, I tried to engage the Websecurify team to do so and never heard back from them. If you have any influence, I'd gladly cover Websecurify in 2012.

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