Actns/Swif.T virus found in YouTube videos


Update 13:35 PDT:
False positive finding from CA triggering on"*").
Regardless, these two sites are indispensable for their quick analytic capability.
Seeing"*") as problematic in not necessarily wrong as it often indicates malicious content.

Breaking news regarding malicious Flash popping up from YouTube is starting to break all over the Internet.
CrunchGear has a bit of a write-up on it.
Rather than sound off about what will become old news quickly, I'd like to point you to resources I use to analyze (or have the analysis done for me, to be more concise) malicious Flash or JavaScript.
I grabbed the evil .swf in question from the URL below via command-line on my trusty Ubuntu box:
wget hxxp://
I then fed l.swf to Adops Tools and Wepawet.
The results from each analysis are below for your review.
Not good. ;-)
Adops Tools Results
Wepawet Results
Use in good faith, but always be careful grabbing the evil .swf. | digg | Submit to Slashdot


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