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Another spammer bites the dust, again...

First, huge fines in the millions in January 2006 and then, well deserved jail time. It was with great pleasure that I read of the 30 year sentence received by Christopher “Rizler” Smith. US District Judge Michael Davis put away a man who was not only one of the Internet's most significant annoyances, but he was a complete @$$4073 to boot.
I can only hope this bodes well for the prosecution in the pending trial and sentencing of Robert Soloway in January 2008.

Notorious spammer Christopher “Rizler” Smith was sentenced to 30 years in prison by a federal judge on Wednesday.

US District Judge Michael Davis called Smith a “drug kingpin” before throwing the book at him. Smith was convicted on charges of conspiracy, illegal distribution of drugs, money laundering and operating a continuing criminal enterprise.

The Minneapolis Star Tribune reports that the judge was somewhat hesitant about the length of the prison term recommended by sentencing guidelines, but in the end, decided it was rea…