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toolsmith: There Is No Privacy - Hook Analyser vs. Hacking Team

Prerequisites Hook Analyser Windows OS
Introduction As we explore privacy in this month’s ISSA Journal, timing couldn’t be better. Since last we convened, the Hacking Team breach has informed us all that privacy literally is for sale. Hacking Team’s primary product is Remote Control System (RCS), “a solution designed to evade encryption by means of an agent directly installed on the device to monitor. Evidence collection on monitored devices is stealth and transmission of collected data from the device to the RCS server is encrypted and untraceable.” While Hacking Team initially claimed their products are not sold to “governments or to countries blacklisted by the U.S., E.U., U.N., NATO or ASEAN” the data dump made public as result of their breach indicated otherwise. In fact, their customers include major players in finance, energy, and telecommunications. Among all the 0-days and exploits in the Hacking Team dump, it was even discovered that they offered UEFI BIOS rootkit to ensure …