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Zango sues PC Tools, therapy suggested

Denial is a powerful tool in the arsenal of companies who refuse to accept who they are. Much like individuals in denial, the illusions of grandeur or the premise of being something they are not is pervasive. These situations often require therapy, so let's begin.
Such is the case with Zango, who this week decided to sue PC Tools for $35 million dollars, based on the pretense that their "software" isn't spyware and is thus being wrongly removed by PC Tools' Spyware Doctor.
Here's where reality sets in: Hey Zango! YOU ARE SPYWARE! YOU'VE ALWAYS BEEN SPYWARE! Rebrand yourselves all you wish. Change the name of the company. Deny the reality of the situation all you want. It won't change the simple truth.
Let's review from a technical perspective, shall we?
From BleedingEdge Threats (Bleeding Edge Snort) we find the harsh reality of the situation. Consider a few fine signature examples from Matt Jonkman and team. There are no less the 25!
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