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The Worst Jobs in Science - Number 6: Microsoft Security Grunt

As a now former co-worker stopped by my office to say farewell on his last day before joining Microsoft as a Security Program Manager, I thought to myself, "Should I tell him?" Should I let him know the sheer stature of his pending position? Should I advise him of the esteem held for his security staff peers in the Redmond ranks? After all, Popular Science's July 2007 edition had just put it all in perspective. Number 6 on the list of 2007's Worst Jobs in Science is Microsoft Security Grunt, described as "Like wearing a big sign that reads 'Hack Me'." You just can't win with press like that. For your consideration:

The people manning secure@microsoft .com receive approximately 100,000 dings a year, each one a message that something in the Microsoft empire may have gone terribly wrong. Teams of Microsoft Security Response Center employees toil 365 days a year to fix the kinks in Windows, Internet Explorer, Office and all the behemoth’s other produ…