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...and break the cycle they did.

I was more than pleased to see Microsoft step out of the monthly patch cycle to release MS06-055. Hopefully, this rare event will reoccur as necessary.
Microsoft patch statistics continue to bode poorly for IE. According to the Symantec Internet Security Threat Report, Trends for January 06 - June 06, "Microsoft had the longest exposure-to-patch time in the browser took Microsoft an average of nine days to issue a bug fix, while Apple published a patch within five days, Opera within two days and Mozilla within one day." In my previous post, where I mentioned three days for Mozilla to patch, I was obviously overstated their average.
To be fair, MS is making strides on the OS front. Again, from Symantec's report, "Microsoft, however, leads the ranking in the operating system segment: The exposure time of a Windows security issue was 13 days; Sun had the longest patch release time with 89 days followed by HP with 53 days. Apple took an average of 37 days. …